DOI: 10.1002/sdtp.16478 ISSN:

4‐3: MircoLED display on 300mm CMOS platform – crosstalk and optical outcoupling

Soeren Steudel, Johan Vertommen, Emmanuel Le Boulbar, Giuseppe Buscemi, Lars Bach, Stefaan Van Huylenbroeck, Shuo Kang, Joeri De Vos, Andy Miller, Haris Osman, Kenneth June Rebibis
  • General Medicine

We have implemented microLED integration into a 300mm CMOS platform with 9150ppi and brightness > 1Mnits. Here we show the impact of light outcoupling optimization on optical crosstalk and efficiency extraction. By implementing wafer level optics we achieve a crosstalk reduction of more than 20dB between neighboring pixels with >20% of the light within the APEX angle of +/‐20deg relevant for waveguide optics.

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