DOI: 10.1002/sdtp.16628 ISSN:

42‐1: Perceptual Judgments of Simulated Low Temperatures in LCD based Vehicle Displays

Hande D. Göreke, Anders Djupsjöbacka, Bo N. Schenkman, Börje Andrén, David S. Hermann, Kjell Brunnström
  • General Medicine

A well‐known drawback with LCD‐displays in cold is a slow pixel response leading to poor picture quality. Low temperatures can constitute a hazard in viewing important displays in cars. Perceptual experiments with 20 test‐persons were conducted to find clear and acceptable ranges on screens simulating distortions in low temperatures. The results showed perception over clear and acceptable image quality was impaired beyond ‐20°C for the LCD‐screen in the experiments.

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