Tiantian Li, Yaning Li

3D Tiled Auxetic Metamaterial: A New Family of Mechanical Metamaterial with High Resilience and Mechanical Hysteresis

  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Mechanics of Materials
  • General Materials Science

AbstractFor artificial materials, desired properties often conflict. For example, engineering materials often achieve high energy dissipation by sacrificing resilience and vice versa, or desired auxeticity by losing their isotropy, which limits their performance and applications. To solve these conflicts, a strategy is proposed to create novel mechanical metamaterial via 3D space filling tiles with engaging key‐channel pairs, exemplified via auxetic 3D keyed‐octahedron–cuboctahedron metamaterials. This metamaterial shows high resilience while achieving large mechanical hysteresis synergistically under large compressive strain. Especially, this metamaterial exhibits ideal isotropy approaching the theoretical limit of isotropic Poisson's ratio, ‐1, as rarely seen in existing 3D mechanical metamaterials. In addition, the new class of metamaterials provides wide tunability on mechanical properties and behaviors, including an unusual coupled auxeticity and twisting behavior under normal compression. The designing methodology is illustrated by the integral of numerical modeling, theoretical analysis, and experimental characterization. The new mechanical metamaterials have broad applications in actuators and dampers, soft robotics, biomedical materials, and engineering materials/systems for energy dissipation.

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