DOI: 10.1002/admi.202300440 ISSN:

3D Architectural MXene‐based Composite Films for Stealth Terahertz Electromagnetic Interference Shielding Performance

Vaskuri C. S. Theja, Dani S. Assi, Hongli Huang, Raghad Saud Alsulami, Bao Jie Chen, Chi Hou Chan, Chan‐Hung Shek, Vaithinathan Karthikeyan, Vellaisamy A. L. Roy
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Mechanics of Materials


The terahertz frequency range is gaining popularity in security, stealth technology, and the future 6G network communication. For the control of severe terahertz electromagnetic interference (EMI) pollution, frequency‐selective stealth‐capable shielding materials are being explored to mask terahertz signals. For the realization of masking terahertz signals, the robustness, lightweight, and shape‐conformable materials with excellent terahertz EMI shielding/absorption are crucial. Here, the study reports the fabrication of 3D symmetric pyramidal architectural MXene composite films with frequency‐selective stealth performance characteristics via the facile drop casting method. With the high absorption capability of 2D MXene layers, the MXene composite films exhibit substantial terahertz stealth performance. 3D pyramidal microstructure design leads to frequency selective surface‐assisted reflection resonance in the frequency range of 0.6–1.1 THz. The MXene composite film demonstrates an outstanding maximum terahertz shielding effectiveness (SE) of up to 70.4 dB and a specific SE of 0.55 dB µm−1. These terahertz SE values exceed all of those for MX‐based shielding material designs reported in the literature. The investigation will open a new direction toward developing terahertz EMI shielding thin films with easy integration into any surface for stealth capabilities.

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