DOI: 10.1002/sdtp.16616 ISSN:

38‐4: High Transmittance Mini‐LED panel with Improved See‐through Imaging Quality

Zhi-Qiang Xu, Dong-Ni Liu, Wei-Xing Liu, Jin-Tao Peng, Xin-Xing Wang, Zhen-Yu Zhang, Ming-Hua Xuan, Xiao-Chuan Chen, Guang-Cai Yuan
  • General Medicine

This work proposes a transparent Mini‐LED panel with high transmittance and inproved see‐through imaging quality. The diffraction is the main reason of see‐through image blurred, and it is related to the arrangement of meteal wires and the phase difference in the transparent region. In order to better match the actual see‐through image and eliminate blur, we propose an optimized simulation method. Based on this method, the pixel design has been changed to improve see‐through imaging quality. In the end, a 11.4inch Mini‐LED display prototype with 65.1% transmittance and low blur is developed.

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