DOI: 10.1002/sdtp.16612 ISSN:

37‐4: Invited Paper: Towards Small, Ultrahigh‐Definition Micro‐LED Displays Using Monolithic Vertically Stacked RGB LEDs

Yasufumi Fujiwara, Shuhei Ichikawa, Dolf Timmerman, Jun Tatebayashi
  • General Medicine

A novel red LED using Eu‐doped GaN is a promising component for next‐generation micro‐LED displays with small‐size, full‐color, and ultrahigh‐definition. The red LED exhibits narrow‐band red emission and the wavelength is almost independent of ambient temperature and injected current, and the efficiency remains almost constant even at a ultrasmall chip. Monolithic vertically stacked full‐color LEDs on a sapphire substrate is demonstrated.

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