DOI: 10.1002/sdtp.16271 ISSN: 0097-966X

37.1: Invited Paper: A Room‐Temperature Manufacturing Strategy: Nd:AIZO/Al2O3 Thin‐Film Transistor

Honglong Ning, Yubin Fu, Zhihao Liang, Kuankuan Lu, Zhennan Zhu, Zhenyu Wu, Xuan Zeng, Kangping Zhang, Rihui Yao, Junbiao Peng
  • General Medicine

Metal oxide semiconductors (MOS) have shown great application potential as the active layer of thin film transistors (TFTs). However, MOTFTs usually require an annealing process(≥300°C), which is not conducive to its application in flexible substrates. Here, we establish a Room‐Temperature manufacturing strategy of TFT, which consist of a Nd:AIZO/Al2O3 bilayer structure as the active layer. The Nd:AIZO/Al2O3 bilayer TFTs without further thermal annealing processing show reasonable device characteristics with mobility(µsat) of 28.7 cm2 V‐1 s‐1, an Ion/Ioff ratio of 108, a threshold voltage(Vth) of 0.2 V, and a subthreshold swing(SS) of 0.25 V/decade. The room‐ temperature preparation of Nd:AIZO/Al2O3 bilayer TFT is compatible with low‐cost flexible substrates, which is anticipated in the application of large‐size flexible electronic devices, especially of the "green" flexible display area.

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