DOI: 10.1002/sdtp.16606 ISSN:

36‐1: 360‐degree Transparent Light Field Display with Highly‐Directional Holographic Screens for Fully Volumetric 3D Video Experience

Tomoharu Nakamura, Yuriko Imai, Yuta Yoshimizu, Koji Kuramoto, Noriyuki Kato, Hiroshi Suzuki, Yuji Nakahata, Kazumasa Nomoto
  • General Medicine

We have developed a novel 360‐degree transparent light field display with 120 viewpoints for fully volumetric 3D video experience. It was achieved by a rotating cylindrical transparent highly‐directional holographic screen and a high‐frame‐rate projector. It enables multiple people to simultaneously view bright and occlusion‐capable volumetric images from any direction.

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