DOI: 10.1002/sdtp.16603 ISSN:

35‐2: A kind of Front Light Source Module Adapted to Reflective LCD

Tingxiu Hou, Xiuyun Chen, Peng Zhong, Guangquan Wang, Site Cai, Xibin Shao, Qianqian Hao, Ziyan Zhang
  • General Medicine

Reflective Liquid Crystal display (RLCD) has the advantage s of low power and lightweight relying on the metal layer in TFT glass to reflect the environment light, developing rapidly in the outdoor display, e‐books, price tag, and sports watch market. However, when the ambient light weaker, RLCD requires an additional light source. Therefore the development of the front light source has become a new research direction. This paper designed a thin front light source adapted to Reflective LCD by using the microstructure to control light angle. Optimize microstructure parameters to improve contrast ratio and light efficiency utilization. The density arrangement of microstructures to achieve the higher uniformity and no moire.

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