DOI: 10.1002/sdtp.16475 ISSN:

3‐4: Invited Paper: A 2.5µm Dot Pitch 0.18” OLED Microdisplay on 28nm CMOS Backplane

Philipp Wartenberg, Andreas Fritscher, Bernd Richter, Gerd Bunk, Steffen Damnik, Florian Schuster, Dirk Schlebusch, Martin Rolle, Stephan Brenner, Johannes Zeltner, Uwe Vogel
  • General Medicine

This paper reports on the most recent results of a 2.5um dot pitch 0.18” OLED microdisplay which has been realized in a 28nm CMOS backplane. It proves the general feasibility of small‐node CMOS technologies for microdisplays enabling the integration of far more functionality in the backplane. This has been successfully demonstrated by integrating a complete frame buffer in the backplane which comes with substantial benefits in terms of driving the system from a low‐bandwidth data source. This results in significant power savings and smaller sized systems which improves ergonomics which is another critical key parameter for wearables.

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