DOI: 10.1002/sdtp.16595 ISSN:

33‐2: Invited Paper: Multiple‐Resonance Boron‐Nitrogen Materials: Effective Emitters for High‐Performance Green‐Emission OLEDs

Xudong Cao, Xiao Liang, Chong Li, Kai Xu, Lian Duan
  • General Medicine

Green‐emission multiple‐resonance boron‐nitrogen emitters were demonstrated to dramatically improve the device performance from the aspects of the device efficiency, lifetime and color purity in commercialized device architecture. SY‐FGD2, SY‐FGD3 and SY‐FGD5 were used as final emitters in green phosphorsenzitized‐fluorescent OLEDs, achieving prolonged lifetime of 149 hrs at 50 mA/cm 2 (up by 210%), extremely high efficiency of 250.9 cd/A at 10 mA/cm 2, and siginificantly improved CIEy of 0.791, respectively. Notably, SY‐FGD4 achieved simultaneously improvement in efficiency and lifetime by 27% and 46% and gained a high CIEy of 0.77 through CPL optimization.

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