DOI: 10.1002/sdtp.16567 ISSN:

27‐1: A Low Noise 17” X17” IGZO X‐ray Sensor Panel

Chia-Ming Chang, Chia-Hsiu Tsai, Geng-Qun ZHOU, Chen Chun-Lin, Ruei-Pei Chen
  • General Medicine

Recently the IGZO X‐ray TFT has been introduced in digital X‐ray detector (DXD) industry because of its superior TFT characteristic especially its low leakage current. In this work we successfully manufactured a 17”X17” IGZO X‐ray sensor panel which has low noise level. The TFT off leakage current is smaller than 0.5fA in TFT off region, as the result, it can reduce 65% noise level than a‐Si TFT X‐ray sensor panel. Finally we evaluate the stability of IGZO X‐ray sensor panel under X‐ray irradiation. By tuning the Vgl setting, we estimate our IGZO X‐ray sensor panel can survive after the X‐ray accumulation dosage 600Gy on IGZO TFT for medical image application.

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