DOI: 10.1142/s2661318223741942 ISSN: 2661-3182

#27 : A Sibling Study: How Individual Culture Strategy Affects Embryo Ploidy Status in IVF/PGT-A Cycles?

Anh Vu, Huong Nguyen
  • General Medicine

Background and Aims: The result of individual and group culture embryo studies remained conflicting. Several studies assumed that the blastulation rate was lower when culturing embryos separately. Meanwhile, there has been little information on whether individual culture can affect embryo ploidy status. This study was designed to find a relationship between culture strategies and the embryo’s ploidy status in IVF/PGT-A cycles.

Method: 91 IVF/PGT-A cycles with at least four zygotes enrolled in a randomized control trial from September 2021 to June 2022 in Tam Anh general hospital. Zygotes from each cycle were randomly assigned to individual culture(10 ul/drop) or group cultured of 3-5 zygotes (50 ul/drop). Among those, 280 blastocysts derived from biopsy-all cycles (137 from individual culture and 143 from group culture) and already determined for ploidy status were to be analyzed. Information of the embryo, including maternal age, paternal age, day of the biopsy, embryo quality (excellent, good, fair, poor), blastocoele expansion (2-6), ICM score (A, B, C), TE score (A, B, C), and PGT-A result (euploid, aneuploidy or else) was collected and analyzed along with the type of culture. Simple and multiple regression analyses using generalized linear mixed model were applied to evaluate the relation between embryo ploidy status as the dependent variable and independent factors.

Results: The rates of euploid, aneuploidy and other results of embryos cultured individually were 39.4%, 37.2%, and 23.4%, respectively. These results did not yield a significant difference compared with the cultured group. There was no relationship between culture strategies and the aneuploidy rate of the embryos (OR = 1.16, CI 0.64-2.13). However, biopsy days 6-7 and decreasing grade of TE might be related factors for a higher rate of aneuploidy.

Conclusion: Culture embryos individually or in groups hadnot yet shown any effect on embryo’s ploidy status.

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