DOI: 10.1002/sdtp.16562 ISSN:

25‐4: High Resolution Top Emission OLED Device Fabricated by Inkjet Printing Process

Huifeng Wang, Wentong Huang, Kaihong Ma, Huaiting Shih, Jianwei Yu
  • General Medicine

The inkjet printing (IJP) process based on solution‐process is a very attractive technology because of the high material usage rate and simple OLEDs structure. But it is not going well on the road to mass‐product due to the various factors. The first breakthrough is the middle‐size OLED panel manufactured which exactly match the demand of market, process, machine and material. In this middle‐size panel, the top emission OLED is requirement to increase the pixel aperture ratio, lifetime and color gamut. In this work, the bank material and process, high resolution printing technology, in‐pixel uniformity control, and Mura Free process were developed. Finally, an 11 inch 255 PPI top emission device was fabricated by inkjet‐printed process.

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