DOI: 10.1002/sdtp.16561 ISSN:

25‐3: Design and fabricate of Under‐Display Camera OLED panel

Ming Yang, Zhi K. Gao, Chuan X. Xu, Xuan Feng, Ming H. Xuan
  • General Medicine

5.5inch FHD UDC OLED panel is designed and fabricated. The OLED panel is divided into three parts, i.e., UDC, transition and nomal area. Transition area locates at the left and right side of UDC area, the height and width of transition area and UDC area are the same. Drive circuits corresponding to EL in UDC area locate at odd rows of transition area, while drive circuits corresponding to EL in the transition area locate at even rows of transition area. Meanwhile, drive circuit in the transition area correspondes to two EL with the same color in UDC or transition area.

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