DOI: 10.1002/sdtp.16560 ISSN:

25‐2: Subpixel Optimization in AMOLED Displays by Self‐assembled Patterning of a Secondary Cathode

Zhibin Wang, Yilu Chang, Qi Wang, Yingjie Zhang, Jacky Qiu, Michael Helander
  • General Medicine

AMOLED display performance has been highly optimized around the blue subpixel due to the weaker performance of blue emitters than that of red and green emitters. A subpixel optimization approach was demonstrated using the Selfassembled patterning of a secondary cathode. With the introduction of the secondary cathode for the red subpixel, the red device performance can be significantly improved without sacrificing the optimal performance of the blue subpixel. Moreover, this design can also dramatically reduce the sheet resistance which is critical for middle size top‐mission AMOLED panels for applications like tablets and laptops.

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