DOI: 10.1002/sdtp.16559 ISSN:

25‐1: Distinguished Paper: A Novel Ultra Large Size OLED Display for Premium TVs

Hong-Jae Shin, Soo-Hong Choi, Yong-Ho Kim, Seong-Ho Yun, Dong-Myoung Kim, Sung-Joon Bae, Han-Seop Kim, Hyeon-Woo Lee, Chang-Ho Oh
  • General Medicine

In this paper, we present the novel ultra large size OLED display with high image quality for premium TV using an advanced coplanar Oxide TFT backplane, MLA based OLED, small area gate driver in panel for narrow bezel, and pixel charging enhancement method with external compensation. Using these technologies, we improved the luminance efficiency about 20 %, and reduced the gate driver design area to 40%. The pixel charging ratio is more than 80% in all gray levels. Using the developed OLED display, we have successfully developed up to ultra large size 88‐inch 8K, 97‐inch 4K OLED TVs.

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