DOI: 10.1002/sdtp.16556 ISSN:

24‐2: Facile Design of Integrated Gate Driver Circuit with Self‐aligned InGaZnO TFTs and Reliable Compensation Technology for 166 PPI WOLED Displays

Kyung Min Kim, Seok Noh, Sujin Jung, Inhyo Han, Sang-Hoon Jung, Joon-Young Yang, Soo Young Yoon, Hyun Jae Kim
  • General Medicine

In this research, we describe a facile design of white organic light emitting diode (WOLED) displays applicable to 8K4K resolution of large‐area displays. We demonstrated a 13.3‐inch diagonal size (166 pixel‐per‐inch) of WOLED display, including a self‐aligned oxide thin‐film transistors, simple pixel driving circuit, external compensation method, fast driving integrated gate driver circuit. The narrow bezel of 3.9 mm is realized when multi‐output gate driver circuit is applied. The required function for external compensation method is realized by the integrated gate driver circuit. The external compensation improved global luminance uniformity, especially at the low gray level.

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