DOI: 10.1002/sdtp.16254 ISSN: 0097-966X

24.1: Invited Paper: Micro‐LED 4.78 inch Tiled Display Modules with 100% Yield Achieved by Stamp Transfer Technology

Xuan Cao, Yan Wang, Kang Wang, Jie Lin, Yongxin Cui, Xiuqi Huang
  • General Medicine

Glass based Micro‐LED display, as one of the most promising advanced display technologies, has attracted increasing interests from academia and display industry. With collaborative work by panel makers, LED manufacturers, equipment and materials makers in the efforts to improve the yield and performance while reducing the cost, Micro‐LED is getting closer towards a possibility of mass production full‐process. Stamp mass transfer is the pioneer candidate along this roadmap. With extensive research in transfer, inspection and repair technology, Vistar has developed a full‐ process solution that can push the yield up to 100% on our splicing display units. In this paper, we introduce the 4.78 inch true bezel‐ less Micro‐LED panel, as building blocks towards free size large tiled displays. And by proofing the technology in Micro‐LED manufacture, this may lay out a milestone in the way towards the realization of industrial Micro‐LED products.

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