DOI: 10.1002/sdtp.16553 ISSN:

23‐2: Operation Method of Changing Data Rate for High‐Speed Signal Transmission on Display System

Chien-Hao Li, Jen-Chieh Hu, Syang-Yun Tzeng, Chu-Ya Hsiao, Yen-Chung Lin, Wei-Da Guo
  • General Medicine

This study proposed a driving method for switching the operating frequency of a source driver based on single frame. The main purpose of this approach is to allow each frame to operate at different frequencies, avoiding energy accumulation that leads to problems of WWAN‐related radio frequency interference. Since the frequency is changed based on the unit of one frame, data transmission is performed at the same frequency in the active area of display, which expands the adjustment range of operating frequency without increasing the total jitter (Tj) of the transmitted signal. In addition to effectively reducing radio frequency interference, it also avoids the shortcomings of traditional spread spectrum.

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