DOI: 10.1002/sdtp.16212 ISSN: 0097-966X

2.1: Invited Paper: Grid Pattern Image Sticking Compensation Method for MLED Splicing Screen

Yanhong Wu, Shuguo Zhang, Ran Duan, Guannan Chen, Yuyu Liu, Changlin Leng
  • General Medicine

COG (Chip On Class) based MLED (Mini‐LED) Splicing Screen has an advantage of ultra low current, but suffers the problem that its red light luminescent efficiency is drastically hindered by high temperature of screen. MLED splicing screen consists of multiple display panels, the display panel sticks partially to its background frame with margin. As a result, the speed of heat diffusion difference between the panel margin area and the central area results in grid pattern image sticking. The central area looks cyan because it has a higher temperature, but the margin area looks white because of its lower temperature. To prevent grid image sticking problem and improve the visual quality of splicing screen, we propose a novel method to dynamically estimate the compensation ratio for red channel and apply this compensation ratio to acquire chroma uniformity. Our method is implemented in FPGA to achieve realtime performance. Experimental results validate the effectiveness of the proposed method.

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