DOI: 10.1002/sdtp.16537 ISSN:

19‐4: Improving Defocus Blur in Holographic Displays

Koray Kavaklı, Yuta Itoh, Hakan Urey, Kaan Akşit
  • General Medicine

In this paper we present a novel multiplane computer generated hologram calculation approach that enables artifact free and realistic‐looking defocus blur for optical reconstructions in a holographic display. We introduce a new targeting method and a loss function that evaluates the focused and defocused parts of the reconstructed images. We demonstrate that our method is applicable to various standard hologram generation routines such for both iterative and non‐iterative CGH calculation methods. We also demonstrate our new gradient descent‐based optimization with double phase constraint combined with our targeting scheme and loss function provides the best image quality. We validate our findings for both the numerical reconstructions and optical captures that are acquired from our holographic display prototype.

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