DOI: 10.1097/rlu.0000000000005001 ISSN: 1536-0229

18F-FDG and 18F-AIF-NOTA-Octreotide PET/CT Confirmed a Rare Case of Cutaneous Merkel Cell Carcinoma With a Solitary Local Nodal Metastasis

Yanxia Mi, Yuan Jia, Dongni Du, Yong Du, Ming Zhao
  • Radiology, Nuclear Medicine and imaging
  • General Medicine


Cutaneous Merkel cell carcinoma with local nodal metastasis is a rare entity. A 56-year-old man presented with a nontender left inguinal mass, and ultrasound-guided biopsy of this nodal mass confirmed nodal metastasis with strong neuroendocrine differentiation from cutaneous Merkel cell carcinoma. Staging 18F-FDG PET/CT showed a solitary 3.9 × 6.8-cm hypermetabolic left groin mass with no other suspicious lesions elsewhere. To confirm the patient’s eligibility for radical curative treatment, taking into consideration of its neuroendocrine differentiation, a subsequent 18F-AIF-NOTA-octreotide PET/CT was performed, which demonstrated only solitary somatostatin receptor–positive left inguinal mass. The patient underwent radical treatment.

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