DOI: 10.1002/sdtp.16528 ISSN:

17‐4: Ultra‐high Resolution Full‐Color OLEDs Patterned by Photo‐Lithography

Ryungyu Lee, Keun-Yeong Choi, Hyukmin Kweon, Borina Ha, Do Hwan Kim, Hojin Lee
  • General Medicine

In this paper, we present an ultra‐high resolution organic light‐ emitting diodes (OLEDs) pixels patterned by conventional photo‐lithography via imbuing high chemical and physical resistance to commercial light‐emitting polymers through the silicon networked orthogonal gel process. Especially, when silicon networked orthogonal polymers gel layers are pattered by reactive ion etch, a in‐situ non‐volatile etch‐blocking layer (EBL) is formed to prevent pattern distortion or damage. This unique feature not only slows the etch rate but also enhances the anisotropy of etch direction, leading to achieve ultra‐high resolution multicolor OPSG‐based OLED patterns (up to 4,500 pixels per inch) through photolithography. This patterning strategy is expected to provide a novel paradigm toward ultrahigh‐resolution OLED microdisplays.

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