DOI: 10.1049/ell2.12929 ISSN:

11 b 200 MS/s 28‐nm CMOS 2b/cycle successive‐approximation register analogue‐to‐digital converter using offset‐mismatch calibrated comparators

Jaehyuk Lee, Junho Boo, Junsang Park, Taiji An, Heewook Shin, Youngjae Cho, Michael Choi, Jinwook Burm, Gilcho Ahn, Seunghoon Lee
  • Electrical and Electronic Engineering


This letter presents an 11 b 200 MS/s 28 nm CMOS 2b/cycle successive‐approximation register (SAR) analogue‐to‐digital converter (ADC). The offset calibration technique is proposed to reduce the comparator offset mismatch that degrades the linearity of the high‐resolution 2b/cycle SAR ADC. The offset mismatch is reduced to within 0.25 least significant bit (LSB) by generating a compensation voltage from capacitor‐resistor (C‐R) hybrid digital‐to‐analogue converters (DACs). The prototype ADC implemented in a 28‐nm CMOS process demonstrates measured differential and integral non‐linearities within 0.6 LSB and 1.73 LSB at 11 b resolution, respectively. The measured signal‐to‐noise‐and‐distortion ratio (SNDR) and spurious‐free dynamic range (SFDR) are 50.9 dB and 66.2 dB at Nyquist, respectively. The prototype ADC occupies an active die area of 0.115 mm2 and consumes 3.98 mW at a 1.1‐V supply voltage.

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