DOI: 10.1002/sdtp.16502 ISSN:

10‐4: Method for Separating the Optical and Display Contributions to Spatial Resolution in Augmented Reality Displays

Ryan Beams, Matthew Johnson, Chumin Zhao, Aldo Badano
  • General Medicine

We demonstrate a point‐spread function (PSF) method for measuring the spatial resolution of augmented reality head mounted displays (AR HMD). Spatial resolution of HMDs is determined by optical and display performance and our method allows for separating these contributions to spatial resolution. Calculations illustrate the dependence of the HMD's PSF on the relative size and symmetry of the display pixels and optical PSF as a function of the size of target displayed. We tested our method on the Microscoft HoloLens 2 and show that the ratio of the optics to display PSF widths is 0.76.

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