DOI: 10.1177/14782103231196282 ISSN:

1 of 4: Evaluating a structural change in teacher college timetable as a post-COVID-19 response

Liat Biberman-Shalev, Orit Broza, Nurit Chamo, Shevi Govrin, Karen Ettinger
  • Education

The study aims to explore the extent of satisfaction of 76 teacher educators (TEs) and 553 student teachers (STs) with new blended learning (BL) curricular-structural change titled “1 of 4.” Quantitative analysis revealed that both the TEs and the STs had a positive opinion regarding this structural change and recommended adopting it for future learning. However, significant differences between the TEs and STs were related to the cons: creating overwork and harming sequential learning. TEs’ and STs’ recommendations for improvement revealed that the TEs and STs mainly expressed traditional dispositions regarding their roles and their expectations from the new BL timetable. The main conclusion posits that structural change is crucial, but it may only act as the first step in redesigning teacher preparation for the post-COVID-19 era.

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