DOI: 10.3138/cmlr-2022-0073 ISSN: 0008-4506

« On va les franciser » : la francisation scolaire comme outil de revitalisation langagière à l’Île-du-Prince-Édouard

Rachelle Gauthier, Diego Figueroa Medina
  • Linguistics and Language
  • Education

In 2014, a francization program for young students requiring support in French was launched in French-language schools in Prince Edward Island. Since then, the francization program has evolved in schools, and the demand for the service has only increased. Creation of this program as a tool for language revitalization is of great importance for the province’s French-language school system. The goal of this qualitative study is to understand the systemic conditions that led to its creation and to highlight the successes and challenges of the program from the point of view of educational partners. In doing so, the study highlights the important decisions that informed this program since its beginning, as well as the pedagogical and administrative questioning of key people in the system who contributed to developing it and who work with students today.

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