DOI: 10.1515/opth-2022-0244 ISSN: 2300-6579

“… God Said”: Toward a Quantum Theology of Creation

Ryder Dale Walton
  • Religious studies


This work argues that because Quantum Mechanics (QM) is superb at simulating natural, physical phenomena, so-called quantum-native phenomena, and that Quantum Natural Language Processing (QNLP), its child, is also quantum-native, God’s generative language of physical creation is native to a quantum world; therefore, it is now possible to postulate an argument for God’s creation of the world through language without requiring divine revelation. This argument is, in essence, an extension of the Augustinian argument – the baseline argument from mathematics and abstract objects – for the existence of God that accounts for contemporary advances in QM. Additionally, this work invites further research and investigation into applying category theory to model the theistic universe thereby allowing both modeling and simulations of the symbolic world.