DOI: 10.55603/10.55603/alwifaq.v6i2.u4 ISSN: 2709-8915

امام حمد بن محمد الخطابی (م388ھ) بطور ایک مفسر قرآن: چند شواہد Imam Hamd ibn Muhammad Al-Khattabi (D. 388AH) as an interpreter of the Holy Quran: Some Precedents

Khalil Ur Rehman Malik, Abdul Hameed Khan Abbasi

This Article is to discuss that although Imām Hamd bin Muhammad, Al-Khattābī (D. 388 AH) did not write any specific book regarding interpretation and explanation of the Qur’anic verses but his commentary & interpretive points on Qur’anic verses found in his books, have been utilized, adverted and quoted by the prominent and renown scholars in the field of tafsīr in their commentary books. They considered him as a mufasīr. Some evidences & precedents are hereby presented from their books. Imām Al-Khattābī used admitted principles& different methodologies of tafsīr while describing these interpretive points. His exegetical points consist on both kinds of tafsīr i.e tafsīr bi-al-ma'thur(tafsīr bi'r-Riwayah or received tafsīr) and tafsīr bi-al-ra'y(tafsīr bi'd-dirayah or tafsīr by opinion). So, the utilization of Imām Al-Khattābī s exegetical and interpretive points by the well-known and famous commentators of the Holy Quran in their books, is the sufficient and authentic argument and proof which is discussed here that his work on interpretation of Qur’anic verses as well as Uloom-ul-Qur’ān may be appreciated and Imām Al-Khattābī may righteously be considered as a commentator of Holy Quran or Mufasir.