DOI: 10.34069/ai/2023.64.04.21 ISSN: 2322-6307

Сorruption risks in the provision of administrative services

Kateryna Yanishevska, Serhii Denysenko, Vladyslav Savchuk, Artem Krysko, Anastasiia Horb
  • General Medicine

Corruption during the provision of administrative services reduces trust in civil servants and, therefore, can become the basis for discrediting the constitutional principles of equality and legality. The article aims to characterize the essence and manifestations of corruption risks in providing administrative services. The object of the research is public relations in the field of administrative services. The subject of the study is corruption risks in administrative services. The methodological basis of the research is general scientific and unique methods. Thus, systematic, correlational, generalisation, meta-analysis and mixed methods were used. The authors analysed the positions of the scientific doctrine regarding the main corruption risks in general and in the researched field. It is substantiated that corruption risks are a prerequisite for the appearance of corruption in administrative services. However, the legislator's actions are aimed at improving the anti-corruption regulatory framework, but it still needs improvement". The sources of corruption risks related to the peculiarities or shortcomings of normative legal acts (administrative documents), practical implementation and human resources in the activity of state bodies were considered, making it possible to propose ways of solving the most relevant of them.

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