DOI: 10.2298/fil2303935r ISSN: 0354-5180

Α-Baskakov-Durrmeyer type operators and their approximation properties

Nadeem Rao, Pradeep Malik
  • General Mathematics

In the present research article, we construct a new family of summation-integral type hybrid operators in terms of shape parameter ? ? [0, 1]. Further, basic estimates, rate of convergence and the order of approximation with the aid of Korovkin theorem and modulus of smoothness are investigated. Moreover, numerical simulation and graphical approximations are studied. For these sequences of positive linear operators, we study the local approximation results using Peetre?s K-functional, Lipschitz class and modulus of smoothness of second order. Next, we obtain the approximation results in weighted space. Lastly, A-statistical-approximation results are presented.

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