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Add by identifier

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You can add BibTeX entries via identifiers in CiteDrive. Currently, we support DOI for scientific articles and ISBN for books.


If you have a DOI at hand, follow these steps:

  1. Click on the + of your project.
  2. Select Search Online and enter the DOI.
  3. After entering, click on Add to project.

Here’s an example:

Search DOI

Once added, review the BibTeX entry in the preview before finalizing:



For books, enter the ISBN under the respective tab. For example:

ISBN Example

This generates the BibTeX entry for your project:

BibTeX Entry

Missing Information

We access vast databases, but occasional limitations exist:

  • If nothing is found (rare), consider manual entry.
  • Verify entries, as rare inaccuracies may occur.

Always check the preview and, if needed, manually add BibTeX entries obtained from sources like journal pages or Google Books.