Overleaf 및 RStudio를 위한 CiteDrive 동반자

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It has never been so easy to collect academic papers. Just click the CiteDrive button when you want to cite. This will automatically add any article you see in the browser to your Overleaf or RStudio project.

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Looking for new papers to read can be time-consuming, especially if you’re unsure where to start. CiteDrive aims to make finding new papers quick and easy by allowing you to add papers directly to your Overleaf document while browsing for them. Install the CiteDrive companion, and you’ll be able to add articles to your document with just a few clicks. Import citations from major research aggregators straight into your Overleaf or RStudio project. The companion has you covered for wherever you’re looking on Google ScholarPubMedarXivSpringerACMIEEECNKI, and other sites.

BibTeX 항목을 관리할 간단한 솔루션이 필요하신가요? CiteDrive를 탐색해보세요!

  • 웹 기반 현대적인 참고 문헌 관리
  • 동료 연구자들과 협업하고 공유하기
  • Overleaf와의 통합
  • BibTeX/BibLaTeX에 대한 포괄적인 지원
  • 브라우저에서 직접 문서와 웹사이트 저장
  • 수천만 개의 참조가 있는 데이터베이스에서 새로운 기사 검색
CiteDrive 사용해보기

The following browsers support the extension:

Here is an example of how the CiteDrive companion works in Google Scholar:

  1. Download and install the CiteDrive extension (links above)

  2. Go to Google Scholar and find an article you want to cite

  3. Click on the CiteDrive icon in your browser’s toolbar

  4. Choose your project, for example, the one you’ve linked to your Overleaf project; if everything’s fine, click Add Reference.

That’s all there is to it! The reference will now be available in your CiteDrive project and your Overleaf (or RStudio projects, depending on your preferences). You’ll be able to preview it or edit it as needed.