CiteDrive 3.0 발표: Overleaf와 RStudio에서 참고문헌, 참조 및 인용 추적하기

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CiteDrive 3.0 is out now, and it’s better than ever! We’ve made many improvements, including a better design, more focus on reference management with BibTeX, and better performance. If you’re an Overleaf or RStudio user, be sure to check it out.

BibTeX 항목을 관리할 간단한 솔루션이 필요하신가요? CiteDrive를 탐색해보세요!

  • 웹 기반 현대적인 참고 문헌 관리
  • 동료 연구자들과 협업하고 공유하기
  • Overleaf와의 통합
  • BibTeX/BibLaTeX에 대한 포괄적인 지원
  • 브라우저에서 직접 문서와 웹사이트 저장
  • 수천만 개의 참조가 있는 데이터베이스에서 새로운 기사 검색
CiteDrive 사용해보기

Better Bib[La]TeX Overleaf workflow

CiteDrive has better integration with Overleaf and BibLaTeX support. It’s quick and easy to keep your references well organized, but unlike other modern reference management software, we don’t consider BibTeX an afterthought. References can be added and edited with our BibTeX editor, which offers freedom in terms of fields and types. We are here for you whether you use BibTeX, BibLaTex, jurabib, or JBibTEX.

New user interface and dark mode

The next update significantly enhances the user experience based on our users’ comments and numerous drafts and prototypes we have been developing for months. Make sure to check out dark mode, too!

Reference, bibliography, and citation management in RStudio (Posit) in Quarto and R Markdown. 

RStudio joins the party and is also compatible with the 3.0 update–adding BibTeX-first referencing to Quarto and R Markdown.

CiteDrive allows you to store your references in a different location from your Quarto/R Markdown process. With our RStudio integration, you may wholly and instantly automatically update the status of your bibliography with the Quarto/R Markdown project at any moment - just as with Overleaf.