BibTeX Field types: Address

The address-field contains the publisher's (or any other institution) address. In many cases, the full address is not entered or is omitted for any significant and known publishers (cf. Van Lauen).

The author can add the American publication's address, the city's name, followed by the state (USPS...

21st Jan 2021

BibTeX Field types: Annote

BibTeX Field type: annote for 'Annotated bibliography':

In the annote field type, the user can store an annotation - a short, descriptive, and also an evaluative summary of the content of the reference the user wants to cite, typically displayed in the bibliography.

annote is then of intere...

21st Jan 2021

BibTeX Field types: Author

In the author-field, you can specify all contributors to the work you want to cite. BibTeX has several ways of specifying author names but expects in all cases a consistent and exact arrangement so that inaccurate information could lead to the unwanted output of the author's name.

Notation: {Fi...

21st Jan 2021

BibTeX Field types: booktitle

To cite an incollection, i.e., a part of a book/collection with its own title, or to give a title to an article, part of an inproceedings, the booktitle-field is used to distinguish. At the same time, title contains the title of the book, or incproceedings.

21st Jan 2021

BibTeX Field types: chapter

A chapter, section, or a range of pages of a book is stored numerically in chapter. This BibTeX-field is used for inbook and incollection. The former is mandatory. chapter is not supported in the entry-type book because for the latter, the whole book is intended to be cited.

21st Jan 2021

BibTeX Field types: doi

doi is used to store any DOI (Digital Object Identifier of the International DOI Foundation). DOI is a digital identifier that is intended to be permanent and unique. It is used, among other things, and mostly for articles from scientific journals. It can be used in article, but more rarely also...

21st Jan 2021

BibTeX Field types: email

Email includes the email address of the stated authors if you want to indicate them. It's not a common field and might not be supported.

To specify email addresses, the following variants are recommended:

As a note to display at the end of the reference:

@book{ ... ,
 author = {Muller, John},...
21st Jan 2021